Friday, April 29, 2011

Friday Favorites: Frankly My Dear...

On occasion, a recently visited place will catapult to the top of my ‘favorite places I have been’ list. It was only one week ago that I had the pleasure of visiting The Old Mill in North Little Rock, AR, yet I can say without question that it is one of the most beautiful places I have ever been to. (Dan loved it too!)

When I started researching things to do in Little Rock, I came across a listing for The Old Mill. I read that it was the only standing structure left from Gone with the Wind, so a trip there was added to my Clipboard of Fun.

Pic from

Built to look like an abandoned mill, Pugh's Mill Park was constructed in 1933. However, walking around the beautifully landscaped area feels like you’ve stepped back in time.

You can walk across a small bridge and actually enter the Mill. The view from inside is as pretty as the one from outside. You can bet that if I was a bride from Little Rock that my bridal party pictures would have been taken here.

Due to our limited time in Little Rock, we only wandered around the grounds for a bit. But honestly, I could have taken in this view for hours.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Table with a View

I love Chicago. I have been there twice in the past few years and it is the only city besides New York that I could ever see myself living in. Last year, I had the pleasure of spending a few days in the Windy City to celebrate the 30th birthday of one of my BFFs. We arrived on a clear spring day and upon the suggestion of a friend, immediately headed to lunch at the Signature Room at the Hancock Tower. Sitting 95 floors above the beautiful city, this restaurant provides amazing views of the city below.

My Rachael Ray tip of the day - eating at a 'fancier' restaurant for lunch over dinner saves a lot of money!  My bowl of delicious lobster bisque cost less than $10.  (Dan reminded me that he had a turkey burger that was equally delicious and inexpensive!)

Nom, nom, nom!

And I got to enjoy this amazing view.  Priceless!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Thanks a lot, Dad!

As long as I can remember, I’ve always been interested in history, specifically the history of my own city.  I had the luxury of going on a private tour of the Statue of Liberty before I was 10 years old.  Imagine being that young and watching your tour guide actually unlock the doors of Lady Liberty right before your eyes?  Amazing!  My little feet walked all up and down the historic streets of Lower Manhattan – from Fraunces Tavern, to Wall Street, to Trinity Church and all the way up to the top of the World Trade Center (my feet were actually in an elevator, but it still counts!)  I’ve  star-gazed at Hayden Planetarium, fed the penguins at the Coney Island Aquarium and took the ferry over to Governor’s Island – all while I was still in grade school.  And I credit this all to my fabulous dad.  Growing up, he and my mom always made sure to take me and my brother to points of interest in our own city.  This not only made me have a strong appreciation of where I came from, but made me realize there were amazing things to see beyond my own awesome city.  

View of Lady Liberty from Red Hook, Brooklyn

My goal of going to every state is not a new one.  Strange ambition for a girl who lives in the biggest city in the country, you say?  Perhaps.  I guess it all started when I found a stamp of Mount Rushmore in my dad’s collection.  I dreamed of standing in front of it, staring back at the big stone faces of our nation’s founders as they look back at me.  And that’s when I came up with the idea – that I wanted to step foot into every state this country has to offer. 

This is the actual stamp!
Shout out to Mom for digging around to find and photograph it for me!

The purpose of this blog is to keep a running diary of places I have been - from sprawling metropolises to small towns, famous landmarks and places of historical significance to ball fields and shopping malls (hey, I still love to shop too), places that I want to go to and just general thoughts as I work to complete my quest.  I’ll share with you all some of my favorite places, things to do and helpful travel tips.  And of course, there will be photos! So keep checking back J

Monday, April 25, 2011

Well, hello there!

Hello, readers and welcome to my little travel blog.  This blog will chronicle my quest to fulfill a lifelong goal - to see every state that this beautiful country has to offer.  From coast to coast, I will document the journeys of me and my wonderful husband, Dan as we take on new adventures. Sounds like fun, right?  I figured after painstakingly researching and compiling my infamous 'Clipboards of Fun' before each and every trip we've taken that it was time to start blogging.   So let's hit the road!

States I have been to thus far (map courtesy of

(Disclaimer: I've visited a bunch of states before my Clipboards took fruition, so there is a chance that not every city & state will be blogged about, but I sure will try!)