Friday, May 13, 2011

Back, and to the Left

(Blogger ate this post yesterday, so I decided to try and re-post it. Stay tuned for a Friday Favorite later today.)

Since this blog is about OUR quest to visit all 50 states, today's post comes to you from my better half :)

Today’s journey takes us to the site of one of America’s greatest tragedies. We’re talking about Dallas, Texas, and more specifically the Texas School Book Depository. I’ve always had a bit of an obsession about the JFK assassination and all the glorious conspiracy theories about it. I even wrote 2 term papers about it in my academic days (ok, 1 paper that I used once each for a high school and college class) but who’s counting?

It’s a fascinating location that gave us a totally surreal feeling to be standing right behind the grassy knoll, or staring right out the same window that Lee Harvey Oswald was perched behind that fateful day (if you believe such a thing!) The book depository building itself is home to the Sixth Floor Museum dedicated to the presidency of JFK and all of the events leading up to, and including the assassination. They even give quite a healthy nod and attention to the many different conspiracy theories that are out there.

Overlooking Dealey Plaza
View from the grassy knoll

As for my opinion - long story short - I went to Dallas with the firm belief that the assassination was a massive conspiracy involving the CIA and the Mafia exacting revenge on the President for his very public hostilities towards each group. However, I left Dallas totally convinced that Oswald acted alone and all these conspiracy theories are nothing but amusing fantasy. I’d get into it further, but Donald Trump has occupied my time dispatching me to Hawaii to look for the real birth certificate of our Kenyan nationalist, Muslim, Black Panther, secret socialist, non bin Laden killing President. I smell another term paper…


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