Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Must See TV: How the States Got their Shapes

A few months ago, I had DVRed a documentary on the History Channel called 'How the States Got their Shapes.'  As most things on my DVR, it went unwatched for months and ultimately deleted.  When I was flipping around the other night, I saw that the documentary was re-running, so I decided to DVR it once again.  But this time, I watched it.  And I am glad that I did, because this documentary spawned a weekly series that begins tonight!

Hosted by Brian Unger, 'How the States Got their Shapes' seeks to uncover mysteries as to how each state's borders were determined.  I've already learned things about the states that I had no idea about. Like, did you know there was a separate state in what is now Eastern Tennessee called Franklin?  I sure didn't!  I also learned that the whole Michigan/Ohio rivalry started in the 1830s over the waterfront property of Toledo.  There are tons of great stories like these and I am super excited to watch this show tonight.  I think you should check it out too!

Here is a snippet.

And while you're at it, why not challenge your geography skills with this 'Place the State' game.

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Dan said...

this show was so cool. the town in vermont that literally straddles the canada border was amazing