Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Cowboy Casanova

After seeing cowboy boots on the feet of pretty much everyone in downtown Nashville, I got the bug to try on a few pairs. Boot stores are in abundance in Nashville, so it wasn’t hard to find someplace to browse in. We were drawn to Boot Country on Broadway because they advertised a ‘buy 1, get 2 free’ sale. The store offered a great variety of boots and I was pleased to see a lot of choices for my size 6 feet.

I tried on a bunch of boots, but fell in love with these bad boys.

Aren't they pretty?
They cost $269 which I had already justified as ‘not too expensive’ in my mind, AND buying them would mean that I would get 2 more pairs for free. All in all, a great deal right? Well, Dan reminded me that we live in New York and those $269 boots would gather dust in the annals of my closet. So I walked out empty handed.

Definitely pop in to Boot Country if you’re in downtown Nashville – but bring friends and family so you can score big with their ‘buy 1, get 2 free’ promo.

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