Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Donna Martin Graduates

If you pop into our house on a Sunday morning, chances are you’ll catch us watching reruns of Beverly Hills 90210. I’m a big fan of the Brenda years (hello drama!), but Dan prefers the Valerie years when Kelly joined a cult, got shot, hooked on cocaine, stalked, burned in a fire…you get the point. It's an endless debate in our house, neither one of us will budge.

Before we left for LA, we did a little research to find out exactly where Casa Walsh was so we could go by and take pictures (read: stalk) of it. Who knew there was a whole website devoted to places where 90210 was actually filmed?

Spoiler: Casa Walsh isn’t really in Beverly Hills. It’s located in Altadena which is about 45 minutes away from BH. And we thought Andrea Zuckerman lived far away in Van Nuys! I’m guessing that Brenda and Brandon wouldn’t have gone to West Beverly High if they used an Altadena address.

As we pulled up to the house, located on E. Altadena Drive, we realized that not much had changed since we last saw it on TV. We didn’t get out of the car for fear of looking like total creepers, but we did take a few pics.

Little did we know that Dylan’s bungalow was located right around the corner from Casa Walsh. Lazy much, Aaron Spelling? We took a few more pictures there (“make sure you get a pic of the side entrance because Dylan used to hang out there”) and we were on our merry way. We didn’t want the neighborhood watch coming to get us!

Now if we only could've gotten a megaburger at the Peach Pit, which sadly doesn't really exist.

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rubinekso said...

I enjoy the Valerie years better too :-) Brenda cried every episode.