Friday, June 3, 2011

Friday Favorites: Category 5

When it comes to alcohol, I am a VERY picky drinker. I don’t like beer or wine or anything that tastes like gasoline. So when I discovered the Pat O’Brien’s hurricane while walking down Bourbon Street, I instantly fell in love. It was fruity enough to be delicious but packed enough of a punch to knock you off your feet – the perfect combo.

Pic from Pat O'Brien's site

I remained loyal to the Pat O’Brien’s hurricane on my three trips to New Orleans and even in Orlando. However, I discovered some stiff competition on Beale Street in Memphis. Dare I say that the Silky O’Sullivan’s hurricane was *gasp* better than the Pat O’Brien’s hurricane??

I mean, look at that straw!

I’m sorry, Pat for cheating on you, but Silky’s hurricane just had a sweeter and more delicious flavor, even if it didn’t pack the same punch.  You'll have to try and win me back next time I am in NOLA.