Friday, June 17, 2011

Friday Favorites: That's a Lot of Steps

All of my childhood pets had feathers, so it’s no secret that I am a big fan of birds. A few years back, I watched a documentary on PBS called The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill about the infamous feral Red Masked Parakeets that reside in this part of the city. For obvious reasons, Telegraph Hill was a must-see when we visited San Francisco.

To get to Telegraph Hill and its famous Coit Tower, you have to climb stairs – HUNDREDS of stairs.  As we began climbing up, I was totally fine - full of energy and excitement. I may have even jogged up a few landings and stopped to take some artsy pictures of hanging flowers…and look for birds of course.

But then, it hit me. The burn. The regret of eating a giant churro before embarking on our climb. I had to rest on pretty much every landing. I took off my hoodie. Then my tee shirt. I was in bad shape. How DO people live on this hill?!

When we reached the top, I quickly realized that the pain had been totally worth it - the view was simply amazing. I even forgot about how close I came to needing Dan to sling me over his shoulder to carry me up the rest of the stairs.

The line to get up to Coit Tower was too long, so we skipped it. Why bother though? We had fabulous views of the Bay and the city for free!

However, one important thing was noticeably absent on our ascent – PARAKEETS! I didn’t even see one green feather on our climb. Maybe they knew I was coming and hid?  Well played, birds.  Well played.

Pic via wikipedia

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