Thursday, June 9, 2011

Quirky Roadside Attractions, Part 1

I like visiting weird places. So I was super excited to read a recent article in this the July issue of Woman’s Day highlighting some of the more quirky places that this country has to offer. I was already familiar with some of them and some were new to me. I’ve listed my favorites below. (All can be found in the book, 100 Best Affordable Vacations by Jane Wooldridge and Larry Bleiberg.)

Corn Palace, Mitchell, SD – Amazingly, this place has been on my ‘must see’ list ever since I saw it on an old episode of Road Rules. The Corn Palace is 39,000 square feet and features murals made of 275,000 ears of local corn. And each year, the exterior decorations are stripped down and new murals are put up. Who WOULDN’T want to see that?

Pic via wikipedia
CSI: The Experience, Las Vegas, NV – Both Dan and I are true crime junkies, so we’re definitely considering plopping down $30 to solve our own crime at the interactive exhibit at the MGM Grand. Bets on which one of us will solve our crime first?

Iowa State Fair, Des Moines, IA – Three words, life-size butter cow. Enough said.

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127 Corridor Sale – My mom and I would need a caravan of U-Hauls to traverse through this 675 mile long yard sale that spans six states from Michigan to Alabama. Chances are though, that we wouldn’t make it past the 1st yard sale without spending all our money.

Monarch Watch, Lawrence, KS – The Monarch butterfly migrates thru Kansas in September. What better place to catch, tag and release them.

Pic via wikipedia

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