Thursday, July 7, 2011

America’s Weirdest Themed Hotels

Food & Wine recently put out a list of some of the more unique hotels that our country has to offer. I have to admit, some of these are pretty cool! My top 4 are below:

Dog Bark Park Inn - Cottonwood, ID
Pic via Wikipedia
Originally a roadside attraction, this massive wooden beagle is now a B&B. Alongside, there's a port-a-potty hidden in a 12-foot-tall fire hydrant.

Wigwam Village - Holbrook, AZ

Pic via Wikipedia
A must see if you’re travelling Route 66. 1940s road-trippers witnessed the country's brief profusion of "wigwam hotels." A few remain, like this Arizona property where guests sleep in freestanding concrete tepees.

The Liberty Hotel - Boston, MA

Photo via The Liberty Hotel
For more than 100 years, this riverside property was a prison with a view. Today, it's a luxe hotel that retains the cell doors and catwalks from its past life.

McMenamins Kennedy School - Portland, OR

Photo via McMenamins
Chalkboards hang on the walls of the classrooms-turned-guestrooms at this 1915 elementary school. The sizable, pink-tiled girls' restroom is now a brewery that turns out nearly half-a-million pints each year.


Popcorn, Pugs & Peonies said...

Sadly, I find the idea of staying in a dog shaped hotel to be delightful. I may need to get out more:)


Stephanie said...

Oh don't you worry b/c I obviously feel the same way. When I'll end up in Cottonwood, ID though is beyond me!