Friday, July 8, 2011

Friday Favorite: Get Him to the Greek

While we both enjoy taking in the sights and doing ‘touristy’ things on vacation, we also like to try and fit in with the locals. One of the more fun ways to do so is to see a live concert at a local venue. When we book a vacation, we always check and see if there are any good bands playing while we are in town. My newest favorite concert venue is actually one we experienced on vacation. Located in Griffith Park, the Greek Theatre in Los Angeles is surrounded by mountains and trees and is simply amazing – the perfect place to see a concert!

Pic via Wikipedia
Before we left for LA, my friend saw that Maroon 5 was playing at the Greek while we were there – total score! We didn’t buy tickets in advance and thought that we’d have no problem getting them from a scalper outside the box office. PSA to my NYC friends - LA is NOT NY and the venue wasn’t crawling with scalpers - there was literally 1 guy selling tickets. (Dan stalked him for an hour and couldn’t determine if he was homeless, stoned, or a serial killer...or all three!) The possible psycho killer only had 2 tickets and we needed 4, so we sat outside the venue for a good while trying to figure out how to get into the show. Turns out, the box office had ‘bench’ seats for sale (read: absolute back of the theater) but we figured that was better than nothing. Bench seats have assigned numbers, but no one really sits in their actual seats so we didn’t have too much of a problem sitting together. The show was great, especially because Maroon 5 is actually FROM Los Angeles – hometown show!

Taken from the 2nd to last row..not too shabby!
We had a great experience at the Greek and are counting down to our next road concert – Kings of Leon at Red Rocks – CANNOT WAIT!

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