Friday, July 22, 2011

Friday Favorites: Curse of the Billy Goat

And now a Friday Favorite from Dan!

Quick joke. What’s worse than being a Mets fan these days? Being a Cubs fan.

I know, not very funny. But from one depressed baseball fan, today’s post will detail our trip to another tortured fan base in Chicago at Wrigley Field. Steph and I went to Chicago for the first time for the Fourth of July weekend in 2004. As part of our journey to a land of 100+ degree heat, we decided to catch a Cubs/White Sox interleague game at Wrigley Field. As a seasoned vet of heated interleague/inter-city matchups between the Mets (my team, for better or worse…usually worse) and the Yankees (God, I hate those smug bastards and their fans), I was fully expecting an equally passionate hatred between the North and South-siders. Much to my surprise, I found our entire section to be pretty dead. I’m sorry to say it Chicagoans, but your fans couldn’t have cared less about the game or what was happening. I was amazed at how little they seemed to be paying attention or getting amped for big moments of the game.

In fairness, there could be a few reasons for this lack of enthusiasm. Maybe it‘s because the Cubs haven’t won a title since 1908 and fans have given up on rooting too hard because there is no hope. Or maybe it’s because it was roughly 140 degrees out (rough estimate) and everyone was just doing anything they could not to pass out. Or maybe it’s because, in Chicago, you aren’t allowed to put ketchup on hot dogs and everyone knows how delicious this would be and it consumes them. Or maybe, just maybe, everyone was just a little distracted by the obnoxious couple swigging whiskey out of a brown bag and proceeding to ‘get busy’ in their seats (true story!) making the baseball game a backdrop to that main event.

That amusing spectacle aside, Chicago is one of our absolute favorite cities and Wrigley Field is must see for any even marginal sports fan. The beautiful stadium is brimming with history; albeit mostly bad for Cubs fans. From the ivy covered walls to old time manual hand turned scoreboard and the mostly awful renditions of “take me out to the ball game,” it’s definitely an enjoyable experience!

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