Thursday, July 21, 2011

Population 1

Pic via Buford Trading Post
I have a really weird fascination with small towns. Living in the biggest city in the country makes it impossible for me to fathom living in a place where people are not always on top of you There are some rare instances when I find myself completely alone – whether in a subway car or walking down the street – but they are few and far between.

Just this week, the TODAY Show profiled an American city with a population of 1. That’s right, just one person. Don Sammons is the lone resident of Buford, Wyoming, which just happens to be the highest elevation point along I-80. Don runs the Buford Trading Post, the town’s grocery store, hardware store and liquor store. He also owns the town’s only snowplow and tow truck.

I google-mapped Buford and was beyond excited to find out it is a short drive from Cheyenne. We’ll be out there in a month, so a trip to Buford has been added to my clipboard of fun. Don, see ya soon!


Kris the Educated Vagabond said...

I love small towns, too! I take a lot of road trips through rural Kansas so I get to take in lots of great little towns that have the best road side attractions. My current favorite is Thayer, Kansas with about 500 people because there is a giant suit of armor along the highway that is bigger than the three buildings it stands by. I've still never figured out why the hell it's there.

Stephanie said...

Thanks for the tip on Thayer! We haven't been to Kansas yet, so this could be a fun place to visit. :) I really do love quirky roadside attractions. For me, the weirder, the better.