Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Three Cheers for Ice Cream

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Ice cream might be my favorite dessert food in the world. I will try pretty much any flavor and don’t really discriminate much when it comes to this creamy treat.

Frommer’s just posted a list of America’s Top 10 Ice Cream Factory tours, and needless to say, there are 10 more places in this country that I need to visit.

Check them out – and click on the above link to see mouthwatering goodness!

Ben & Jerry's - Waterbury, Vermont (complete with ice cream filled picnic!)
Goody's Chocolate and Ice Cream - Bend, Oregon (admission includes 6 spoonfuls)

Graeter's - Columbus, Ohio (sample provided)

Boulder Ice Cream - Boulder, Colorado (comes with 2 ounce free sample)

Berkey Creamery - Penn State University

Turkey Hill Experience - Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Ye Olde Mill at Velvet Ice Cream - Utica, Ohio

Blue Bell Creameries - Brenham, Texas; tours are also given at the Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, and Sylacauga, Alabama, locations (comes with a generous scoop)

Homeland Creamery - Julian, North Carolina (includes free 6 oz cup)


Maggie said...

Ohhh Steph!!! You can come tour the Blue Bell Creamery if you make it to Tulsa! I'd LOVE to go with you. Love me some ice cream. :)

Stephanie said...


MaryKylie said...

Oh my goodness, drooling!!