Thursday, July 14, 2011

Wavin' the Flag

I came across this posting called 'Sometimes State Flags..." on this morning and it was too funny not to share.



Mindy said...

LOL that was a pretty good post! Some of those flags I really didn't believe that that was their actual state flag! (Hawaii?? What is that? They should have a hibiscus on it or something)

Stephanie said...

I was totally surprised by Hawaii's too! I loved his comments for the Kentucky and Virginia flags. Hilarious!

Kris the Educated Vagabond said...

I love the comment on Kansas that "Sometimes flags add a sunflower at the last minute." Which is pretty much the standard for decorating any thing in Kansas. The sunflower is our state flower so anytime something is designed, even a roadside marker, some public official usually says, "Looks great, just add a sunflower."