Friday, August 12, 2011

Friday Favorites: Jetsetter

Being the King of Rock and Roll requires a lot of travel, so why not do it in comfort and style? On the grounds of Graceland are two of Elvis’ planes - a Convair 880 Jet named the ‘Lisa Marie’ and a Lockheed JetStar named the "Hound Dog Two.” One of our favorite parts of our visit to Graceland was getting to climb aboard these jets to take a peek at how the King flew the friendly skies.

We presented our boarding passes and hopped on the Lisa Marie first. Elvis spent an upwards of $1 million refurbishing this jet which became his main form of transportation while on the road. Walking through the plane made me actually forget that I was on a plane. The Lisa Marie had a living room, conference room, bedroom (complete with an FAA regulation seatbelt on the bed!,) 2 bathrooms dripping in gold and was designed by the same team that customized Air Force One. Elvis referred to it as his ‘flying Graceland.’ For someone like myself that hates flying, I’d go pretty much anywhere on the Lisa Marie. (Although you can't really tell from the pictures, both planes have the TCB lightning bolt log on their tails.)

The Hound Dog Two is a much smaller plane that Elvis bought in 1975 while he was awaiting delivery of the Lisa Marie. Since the cabin is much smaller than the bigger jet, you aren’t allowed to do a walk through. But you could snap pictures of the inside of the cabin and cockpit. 

Touring these jets was the perfect way to cap off a great day at Graceland. In addition to the mansion tour, car museum and walkthrough of the planes, we also had a chance to see some of Elvis’ amazing costumes and priceless memorabilia. And while we may not have been big Elvis fans when we walked through the gates of Graceland, we certainly walked away with a greater appreciation for the King.

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