Monday, September 12, 2011

I See What You Mean

One of the things that makes Denver stand apart from other cities is that you can find unique pieces of public art all around the city. Thanks to the Denver Office of Cultural Affairs’ Public Art Program, local artists are able to display their art around town for the city’s residents to enjoy. If you’ve been to Denver, you have certainly seen some of this art around the city. There’s the giant blue Bronco that welcomes you into Denver International Airport. Oversized football equipment flanks the plaza outside of Sports Authority (formerly Invesco Field, formerly Mile High) Stadium. Also, who could forget the Big Chair with a Horse outside the public library?

Perhaps the most recognizable piece of public art in Denver is the 40 foot tall blue bear peeking into the Convention Center windows. Officially titled, I See What You Mean, this oversized bear is the brainchild of local artist Lawrence Argent. Argent was inspired by a picture that ran in a newspaper of a black bear looking into someone’s window. He thought that would make a great idea for his artwork. A bear wandering down from the Rockies might peek into the windows of the Convention Center, wondering what is going on inside much like we, as tourists might peek in as we pass by. (I personally would love to attend a convention here only if to see the bear from the inside. However, I can’t promise that I’d pay attention to much more than the bear.)


The blue bear sculpture can be found on 14th Street, outside of the main entrance of the Denver Convention Center. (It’s pretty hard NOT to see it!) Feel free to give the bear a voice like I did when I visited him. Hmm, an oversized bear, a giant elephant…all I need to do is find an oversized lion and tiger and I have the beginnings of my very own circus….a very weird and creepy circus.

A quick guide to Denver’s Public Art can be found here.


Laura said...

Now there's something you don't see everyday! Love reading your posts and seeing all the great things this great country has to offer. Keep 'em comin'!

Visiting Wanderer said...

That would definitely be interesting to show the kids. i don't think they have ever seen anything like that.

Stephanie said...

I think kids would love to see the bear! It is just such an adorable piece of art.