Tuesday, November 29, 2011

So Small

One item on our ‘must do in San Francisco’ list was to take a visit to some giant redwood trees. As I was preparing my ‘clipboard of fun,’ I headed to my favorite online tour site, viator.com to see if I could find something that would take me to these giant trees. I was in luck – the site offered a great tour to Muir Woods that included a stop in the seaside village of Sausalito AND a boat cruise of the Bay. Sweetness!

Muir Woods is a national monument that is located just a short distance from the Golden Gate Bridge. It is the site of a virgin forest of California Coast redwood trees, among the oldest and tallest on earth. The tour we took allowed us a decent amount of time to explore the park and walk amongst the tall trees. The average age of the coastal redwoods at Muir Woods is between 600 to 800 years, with the oldest being at least 1200 years old. The trees actually stretch so far up that they provided the perfect canopy for the sun to peek through enough as you walk beneath them. I easily took hundreds of pictures that morning because the scenery was simply breathtaking and like nothing I had ever experienced before.  Below are a few of my favorites.

Before heading back over the bridge, the tour had a short stop in the charming town of Sausalito. Dan and I had a quick bite to eat and some super delicious ice cream as we strolled all the town had to offer. We definitely could have spent much more time window shopping among the cute shops and art galleries that lined the streets, and the beautiful marina that housed dozens of beautiful boats we could only dream of owning.

The last part of our tour was a narrated boat ride around the Bay where we got amazingly up close to Alcatraz and the Golden Gate Bridge, even riding directly underneath the bridge. A word to the wise, if you plan on taking a boat ride in San Francisco, brace for wind. It was so windy that a group of old ladies literally had to hold each other down as they took pictures, and Dan came perilously close to donating his favorite hat to the San Francisco Bay. And I thought Chicago was the Windy City…

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