Monday, November 28, 2011

We Sang Dirges in the Dark

Even though Dan and I had visited Las Vegas twice, last month marked our first trip out to Fremont Street. Just a short cab ride from the Strip, Fremont Street is a neon paradise and home to some of Vegas’ first and most classic hotels and casinos like the Golden Nugget and the Pioneer Club. A little bit less polished than its Las Vegas Boulevard counterpart, Fremont Street offers up a grittier version of Las Vegas than I was used to. And ya know what? I liked it.

Our first stop was to the Golden Nugget where we hit the penny slots and scouted out our spot for the night – Gold Diggers Bar. It didn’t open until 9pm so we had plenty of time to take in the sights before drinking until the sun came up. Unfortunately, it was pouring rain during the Fremont Street Experience and even though the street is ‘covered’ by a canopy, the rain still made its way through. We had to find salvation under a casino’s awning and even though we still got wet, it was worth it. The first light show we watched was set to Don McLean’s American Pie – one of my favorite songs ever. It was really fun to watch the visuals above and sing along at the same time.

After the first show, we braved the rain and walked down the strip. I may or may not have been lured in a random casino by free Mardi Gras beads. Despite the crappy weather (who knew it rained in the desert!) I was able to take a bunch of pictures before heading back to the Golden Nugget to use (read: lose) the money my dad gave us to play on the oversized slot machine. Oops, sorry Dad.

Vegas Vicky
For the best view of downtown, head to Gold Diggers Bar. If you perch yourself at an outside table, you’re provided with a front row seat to all the action AND an up-close view of the iconic neon cowboy, Vegas Vic.


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