Friday, December 16, 2011

Friday Favorites: Cows for Sale

A few months ago, I wrote about our trip to the Fort Worth Stockyards. What that post didn’t include was an account of one of the coolest experiences I have ever had – an accidental visit to a live cattle auction!

Ya see, I was actually familiar with cattle auctions even before I visited Texas. When we lived at home, my brother and I used to be big TV junkies and would watch pretty much anything we could find. That included the agriculture channel, RFD-TV. One day we had stumbled upon a live cattle auction and were mesmerized. There was just something so fascinating about hearing the voice of the auction’s caller over video of cows just hanging out in a field.

We happened to be at the Stockyards the day that the Superior Livestock auction was taking place.  This auction broadcasts from the Fort Worth Stockyards every other Friday. I have to admit, I was pretty stoked when I saw this door…because I knew exactly what was happening on the other side of it.

My mom and I took the cue of two other tourists and decided to open the door and step inside the auction. We were NOT disappointed! We were quickly greeted by a cowboy who started to explain what exactly was happening. He damn near fell over when I asked if this was the auction on RFD-TV and was equally shocked when I told him I had seen it a bunch of times. I still didn’t really understand exactly how the whole process worked, but remained captivated by the auction caller’s sing-songy voice. The highlight of the day was when the camera turned to mom and I and we gave a nice wave! If only I could have gotten an aircheck of that...

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