Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Canyon of Heroes

(Disclaimer: Dan is a Giants fan and below is a recap from his trip to today’s parade. This New Orleans Saints fan continues to cry into her cereal while counting down the days until next season.)

To celebrate the second thrilling New York Giants Super Bowl victory in 4 years, today, the city of New York threw the team a parade down the famed ‘Canyon of Heroes.’ I took the quick jaunt (as in 2 blocks from my office) downtown to partake in the revelry of the victory parade. The parade originates next to Battery Park and makes the short mile or so north up Broadway to City Hall where keys to the city are given to the members of the team.

I definitely was able to learn from my mistakes from 4 years ago in regards to the parade route. Back then, I found what I thought was a perfect spot on Broadway, a little south of famous Bull. I was literally standing about 20 yards away from 3 empty floats, thinking I would get perfect shots of Eli and the gang as they were climbing up on the floats. However to my disappointment, the empty floats proceeded to drive right past me to pick up the players at another location. This year my luck was 100 times better. I found a perfect spot along the route and was able to get atop a few steps so all 5’7” of me could get an amazing view of all that went on. I hope there are many more to come!

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