Monday, March 5, 2012

Blog Events: New York Times Travel Show

This past weekend, the New York Times hosted their annual Travel Show at the Javits Center in New York City. As soon as I learned about this event (thank you, Twitter) I snagged tickets and started mapping out my plan of attack. While countries from all over the world were represented at the show, I concentrated mainly on the United States – for obvious reasons.

We had tossed around the idea of a Hawaiian vacation for our 5 year anniversary, before ultimately deciding on something a little less extravagant. After talking with a representative from Norwegian Cruise Lines, we’ve decided to start saving up to sail on their Pride of America ship. They boast that their ship is the only cruise that takes you to all 4 of Hawaii’s main islands.

I’ve been to Louisiana three times, but have never really ventured out of New Orleans. Minus that one time I went on a swamp tour, but I could not  tell you what town that was in. All areas of Louisiana were represented at the show, from Northern Louisiana, Alexandria and Pineville to Houma. The ladies from Southeast Louisiana were giving away cookbooks full of delicious Cajun/Creole recipes and I even got to catch some beads without having to take my shirt off. Score!

The folks at the Travel Alaska booth were giving away bags full of literature and I have more information than I could ever want about going to Alaska!

I never thought about taking a tour in neighboring New Jersey until I stopped by the Princeton booth. The Princeton Tour Company provided vouchers for tours of the college’s campus as well as Einstein’s house. I will be taking them up on the offer!

The giant magazine of information available at Virginia’s booth proved that Virginia is not just for lovers! I can’t wait to thumb through it to get inspiration for an upcoming trip. 

The booth I was most excited to visit was Maine’s. We have never been to Maine and I honestly don’t know too much about the area. I spoke to a lovely woman from Bethel who assured me that there was more to Maine than just lobsters! She suggested that we take a drive up through Maine’s lakes and mountains region to take in the beautiful scenery and cute mountain towns.

Southern California is one of our favorite places on Earth and we need no excuse or reason to take a visit. After discussing the wonders of Palm Springs with the representative at their booth, we certainly have a new destination to visit next time we are in Los Angeles. (Bonus points for those who remember the 90210 episode where Dylan is almost killed on the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway.) 

New England states Vermont and New Hampshire were well represented at the show. I was mesmerized by the basket weaver at New Hampshire’s booth – what talent! And the Okemo Valley brochures we picked up make me wonder why we haven’t been up to Vermont yet!

One of my favorite booths at the show was the Sea World booth. As soon as I heard they were bringing ‘animal ambassador’ pals with them, I knew this booth was not to be missed! The little marmosets were adorable and so was Ziggy, the bearded dragon lizard. I’ve been lucky enough to visit Sea Worlds on both coasts and highly recommend making the visit to one if you can.

The ‘Best Swag of the Day Award’ goes to Celebrity Cruise lines for offering little tins of custom spice rubs. I chose a fish and poultry rub made up of lemon pepper, oregano, allspice, seasoned salt, Complete Seasoning and garlic powder. I cannot WAIT to try this!

After we soaked up all the information we could from the United States area, Dan and I turned ourselves loose on the rest of the world. While we don’t have plans to travel abroad anytime soon, we both grabbed a bunch of literature on African safaris, Pacific islands and European vacations.

All in all, we both thought the event was a good one and plan to visit again next year!


Karen said...

That is so cool! I want to go next year and check it out - is it just for professionals and travel bloggers? I would have been all over the Sea World booth too, so cute.

Stephanie said...

You would love it! The first day was a trade day which was only for industry people (I didn't go to that) and was open to the general public on Sat/Sun. Once you visit, you'll walk away wanting to take trips everywhere!

Laura said...

What a fun way to learn about the so many amazing and different places to visit around the USA. I'm with you and Karen, I would have been hanging at the Sea World booth quite a bit! Thanks for another enjoyable post!

Lira said...

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