Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Missouri Recs Needed!

Holy crappers...we leave for Missouri in exactly 3 weeks and my clipboard of fun is looking quite empty.  So this is the post where I turn it over to my faithful readers.  We're stopping in St. Louis and Kansas City.  Where should we visit/eat/drink/gamble/avoid?  Any fun things to see on the cross-state drive?  Hoping that my pleas are heard our there in the blogosphere!


Maggie said...

Lambert's Cafe for food. SO good! I don't know if you'll be in that area though. They have 4 locations. I would say the country's largest McD's but Joplin's a little too far.

Maggie said...

Also the arch in St. Louis and In KC there's shopping and {I think} drinks and food at the Plaza.