Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Travel Goals vs. Travel Realities: Missouri

Now that we’re back from our latest trip, I thought I’d revisit the travel goals that I set to see how we did this time around.

Go to the top of the St. Louis Arch
We tried to do this but by the time we got there, tickets for the trip up were already sold out. However, we did get to spend ample time with the Arch and that made us happy.

Drive part of Route 66
Route 66 goes through St. Louis and we certainly found ourselves driving on it during our rides around town. One of the best places along Route 66 that we stopped at involved goal #3 below.

Have some Ted Drewes frozen custard
Oh.My.God. Heaven in a paper cup.

Try and find some of the houses in Missouri that my dad lived in when he was a kid
The house was definitely rebuilt, but we found the block and address that my dad lived at in O’Fallon. What a cute little town!  We didn't make it to the other two towns because my dad wasn't really sure of the addresses and we didn't feel like attempting to follow his cryptic instructions on where they were located.

Eat some kick ass Kansas City BBQ
Jack Stack BBQ did not disappoint. Between the two of us, we ate a menagerie of BBQ goodness - turkey, beef, sausage, chicken and pork. YUM!

Revisit Nebraska and actually get out of the car
Yeah, this didn’t happen. Driving from St. Louis to Kansas City was about 4 hours and the thought of taking another long road trip was not something we wanted to do. We did venture into Kansas though, so another state checked off!

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