Friday, June 21, 2013

Space Needle

Taking a ride to the top of the Space Needle seems to be a rite of passage for most tourists visiting Seattle.  It was certainly on our list of things to do, basically, just because.  We kept a close eye on the weather forecast and waited until a clear day to make our pilgrimage to the landmark. 

I’d read about people waiting on long lines to buy a ticket, but we must have hit it at the right time and waited only 10 minutes.  Ticket in hand, we boarded the elevator for a 41 second ride to the observation deck.  Despite STILL not being able to see Mount Rainier, the 360-degree view was spectacular.  

However, I’m not going to lie – I got pretty nauseous up there.  I’m not afraid of heights by any means, (we were 520 feet up in the air) but there was something about the sloped pavement that really disorientated me.  If we hadn't paid so much to visit, we would have left pretty quickly.  But I wanted to get our money’s worth out of the day, so I sucked it up.

Expensive elevator ride!

All in all, I am glad that we visited the Needle but it’s not something that blew me away by any means.  (That very possibly could have changed had we been able to see Mount Rainier.)

Tickets are available here.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

You Can’t Eat Mount Rainier

During every one of our trips, I become obsessed with something that I need to incessantly photograph.  On last month’s trip to Seattle, that something was Mount Rainier.  I had visions of us heading to the Queen Anne Hill lookout each day and happily snapping away at the skyline/mountain combo.  But alas, that was not the case.  You see, I didn't realize that the mountain wasn't visible every day.  Even though it is so massive, the clouds/haze/pollution often render it impossible to see.

We arrived to Seattle on a rainy Monday morning, so we knew we wouldn't be able to see much through the clouds.  Tuesday was a little overcast, so no mountain. No mountain again on Wednesday.  We drove down to Portland on Thursday and didn't see Rainier, Mount St. Helen’s OR Mount Hood.  Friday was our last chance.  We headed into the city to visit the Space Needle and I was pretty pissed because the mountain was still hiding.  I panicked that our cross country trip would result in us never seeing the majestic Rainier.  Downtrodden, we took in as much as we could that last day.  After a fabulous dinner at Cutter’s Crabhouse we started to head back to the car when I saw something.  Something that I knew wasn't there before.  THE MOUNTAIN CAME OUT!  All plans for the night were put on hold so we could race up to the Queen Anne Hill lookout to capture the photos that I had not-so-patiently waited for all week.  And it sure was worth the wait!  She was beautiful!

Want to enjoy the view from your own home?  There is a webcam set up at the lookout!

Friday, June 7, 2013

I'm Listening

We're back from Seattle and I wanted to give a quick recap of our trip.  (Full stories and pictures to come!)

  • Seattle is one of the most beautiful cities!  The mountains, the lush greenery and the fresh air made me never want to leave.  This girl can handle a little rain!
  • Kurt Cobain's house was even more picturesque than I could ever have imagined.  Being a huge Nirvana fan, this was a must see for me.
  • Dan and I both have a weird obsession with true crime and serial killers, so taking a tour that stopped at some of Seattle's more infamous locations was a really interesting way to get acquainted with the city. 
  • Another city, another baseball field.  Two words, garlic fries.
  • A quick drive over to Tacoma to visit some of the locations that one of my favorite guilty pleasure movies was filmed at.  Hint: Heath Ledger and Julia Stiles.
  • A longer drive down to Portland, OR for Voodoo Donuts.  This was an absolute must on my bucket list of life.
  • Two cute, hidden speakeasies.
  • Millions of peaches, peaches for me.  Millions of peaches, peaches for free.
  • MOUNT RAINIER.  No words.  She finally came out on the last day we were there and the view was worth the wait.
  • Getting sick atop the Space Needle.  Great view but holy vertigo.
  • Lots and lots of Macklemore.  And Starbucks.
  • And the best burritos I have ever tasted in my life.