Monday, January 13, 2014

Omaha, Nebraska

When we decided that Omaha, Nebraska would be the jumping off point for our summer road trip, we really had no expectations for it to be any more than just that – a place to sleep and gain the needed energy for the week long adventure. Little did we know that we would soon be incredibly charmed by this beautiful city!

I booked us a hotel in a prime location and it turns out, we were directly across the street from the Ameritrade Park where the College World Series is played – how cool!  (At one point during the day, we decided to take a walk around the stadium but the blazing 100 degree heat had us aborting that plan halfway around. How on Earth that wedding party was taking pictures in front of the statue was beyond me.)

Our day started out with a visit to the Bob Kerrey Pedestrian Bridge.  This bridge links Nebraska and Iowa so we thought it would be a fun to get our feet in two states at once.  (We had only done that once before at Hoover Dam.)

Since we love a good Union Station, friends recommended that we visit the Durham Museum located inside Omaha’s former Union Station.  This museum did not disappoint and we had a ball exploring the old Union Pacific train cars that were set up in the old station. 

Afterwards, we indulged in phosphates at the original soda fountain still set up in the Durham Museum’s lobby.

Once we left the museum, we decided to explore the city a bit and stumbled upon candy HEAVEN.  Hollywood Candy sells pretty much every candy imaginable and Dan had to seriously reel me in before I spent our entire budget on sugar.  I did walk away with a sizable bag that actually lasted us the whole week.  (I even ate an Old Faithful on the plane ride back to NYC.)  

After a quick lunch at the Upstream Brewing Company, we drove around the city a bit more before taking a quick siesta.  You see, the one week we decided to take this epic adventure, it was insanely hot.  This wasn’t just your average duh-it’s-hot-in-the-summer-in-the-Midwest heat. Schools were actually closed in South Dakota at one point of our trip because this heat wave was so unbearable. And we all know how well I handle heat.

We finished the day at Sullivan’s Steakhouse with his and hers steak dinners (when in Rome!) that were everything we imagined they would be.  I think we even had dessert and I think it might have involved chocolate.

All in all, Omaha totally won us over and we were impressed with the cool vibe the city gave off.  One of my absolute favorite parts of the city were all of the faded advertisements still visible on a lot of the older buildings.  And that Ford water tower...which I became obsessed with. 

Next stop, Mitchell, South Dakota.  Corn Palace, here we come!

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