Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The Long and Non-Winding Road between Mitchell and Wall

There is no way that I can make the three hour drive between Mitchell and Wall sound exciting.  COWS…yay!  Corn fields…COOL!  Nope, can’t do it.  Impossible.

During the ride, we saw lots and lots of wide open spaces which in reality, are quite breathtaking.  It would be hard to imagine this much untouched land back in New York.  Developers would have a field day with it.  

Cows and delicious hay bales scattered the plains. I particularly enjoyed when the hay bales were stacked up in pretty pyramids.

After about an hour on the road, we approached Chamberlain, SD where the Missouri River popped up seemingly out of nowhere.  I was on the phone with my mom at the time and I remember yelling about how exciting it was to actually see some water.  Once we crossed over the river, we noticed that the terrain started to change and the land was certainly getting less flat.

Fields full of sunflowers disappeared as quickly as they appeared. 

But perhaps the most unexpected thing we saw was a crop duster fly over a farm.  “IS THAT A PLANE??  WHAT IS THAT??”  Yep, that’s as thrilling as it gets.

The one thing we looked forward to along the way was driving into Mountain Time.  Sure we’d flown into different time zones before but I felt like driving into a new time zone would be a magical and unforgettable experience.  Spoiler: it was not.  In fact, trying to get a picture of the sign was so stressful, that I ended up snapping pictures of some of the most random signs leading up to the actual sign. 

Not the sign...
Still not the sign...
Side note: I had this delusion that I would get out of the car at the Mountain Time sign and Dan would snap a picture of me adjusting my watch.  But yeah, that didn't happen because we were along a major interstate and we decided that it was not worth dying for the sake of this photo.  (I was also disappointed that my iPhone didn't automatically update the time on my phone after we crossed into the new time zone.)

As we got closer to Wall, signs popped up for the Ranch Store of the Badlands.  While we hadn't made any plans to stop along the way, once we learned that we'd be able to feed prairie dogs here, we were sold.  Dan and I both bought little bags of peanuts and headed to the field to feed said prairie dogs.  Now, I know that these little rascals carry the plague so I made sure to keep my distance.  But they were really adorable.  And WELL FED.

Before heading to our hotel, we made one more quick stop to the Prairie Homestead.  But it was hot out (theme here?) and we didn't feel like paying admission, so we just snapped some pictures of the sod house from outside the gate.  I didn't even notice that there were so many white prairie dogs in the photo of the root cellar!

Next stop: our hotel followed by the famous Wall Drug.  Because YOLO.


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