Thursday, January 9, 2014

The Road to Rushmore

Last spring, Dan and I sat down with a map and decided that this was the year we’d visit Mount Rushmore.  It was someplace we (well, maybe more ME) both wanted to visit and there was no reason to put it off anymore.  

As I sat down to do research, I found that flights from NYC to South Dakota were a bit more than I wanted to spend.  So again, we sat down with a map and studied it to see what cities we could fly into that would make for a reasonable drive to South Dakota.  We'd been to Denver a few years prior and knew the drive to Rapid City wasn't that bad.  But we wanted to see more than just the Western part of South Dakota and that would make for quite a round trip drive.  Then it clicked.  We were overlooking the obvious - OMAHA!  If we flew into Omaha and back home out of Denver, this trip would work perfectly.

And we did just that. We hopped on a teeny Omaha-bound regional jet on a Friday night and began the best trip we have ever taken.  In the coming days, we’d see Omaha, Sioux Falls, Mitchell, Wall, Rapid City, Cheyenne, Denver a tons of tiny towns in between.

Five states, 1,492 miles, countless stories.  Here we go!

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