About Me

Who am I?

30-something year old; native Brooklyn-ite; ½ of the best husband/wife duo of all time (ok maybe I am biased); PR chick; sports enthusiast; maker of extremely detailed Clipboards of Fun.

Why blog?

My mom actually gave me the idea to start documenting our trips. I’m not much of a journal keeper because I hate physically writing, so the next best thing was to start a blog. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I’d be a blogger (I mean, who cares what I have to say!) but I have to admit, I am really enjoying it. Best part is that I get to share my photos, stories and ideas with my readers. If just one reader walks away with a desire to see someplace I have reviewed on my blog, my job is done.

You live in NYC, why would you want to go to random places in the US?

I’m not going to lie…living in NYC is pretty awesome. But sometimes it’s nice to breathe in some fresh air and get away from the craziness of city living. I’ve always had a true love for America and I feel genuine excitement every time I embark on an adventure to new destination. Being a big-city resident makes it easy to forget that most of this country has wide open spaces. I love getting out there to sample the local flavor of each state to see ‘how the other half lives.’

Have you ever been outside the US?

Sure have. We honeymooned in Aruba and I’ve been to Mexico and a handful of Caribbean islands.

Favorite city you’ve been to?

What a hard question to answer! It seems every time I visit someplace new, it suddenly becomes my new favorite place. Two of my favorite big cities are Chicago and Los Angeles, but I have a soft spot for Nashville and Rapid City.

Least favorite city you’ve been to?

There are a few cities that I certainly would not visit again. But even in the places that weren’t my favorites, I did find some redeeming things. (You knew I’d keep this one vague, huh?)

Adventures you’re looking most forward to?

Seattle is really high on my list of cities to see. In the next few years I hope to get back to the Gulf Coast, see the Arch in St. Louis, and road trip through Austin and San Antonio. But the two ‘dream’ places that I really can’t wait to hit are Alaska and Hawaii...and Mount Rushmore, of course.